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Corporate Responsibility
Report 2015

Strategy 2020 Targets

»I see four principal goals. First, we want to make Deutsche Bank simpler and more efficient. By focusing on where we can truly excel, we’ll be a better bank. That includes reducing the number of products and services we offer, deepening our relationships with the most promising clients, and bringing focus to the number of locations in which we operate. Second, we want to lower the bank’s risk profile. This means turning down marginal business about which we may have doubts and which could eventually result in us facing a fine or a legal settlement. Third, we want to be better capitalized so that we are no longer playing catch-up with regulation and market expectations. Finally, we want to be a better run bank.«

Message from John Cryan on Strategy 2020 to all employees on October 29, 2015

Strategy 2020 (chart)Strategy 2020 (chart)

Note: 2018/2020 targets are based on assumed FX rates of € / US$ 1.07 and € / £ 0.72
1 Total noninterest expenses excluding restructuring and severance, litigation, impairment of goodwill and intangibles and policyholder benefits and claims
2 Excluding expected regulatory inflation