Deutsche Bank

Corporate Responsibility
Report 2015

Putting clients first

  • Extensive client satisfaction assessments
  • New complaint management process established

We recognize that satisfied, loyal clients are vital for our continued success. This requires a culture based on client needs rather than an approach that focuses on products or transactions. As part of our focus on client centricity, we believe in pursuing mutually beneficial client relationships.

How we do it

Our FairShare™ Principle (FairShare) guides the way we create and deliver services and products. As part of FairShare, we implemented product principles. These commit us to respecting ethical standards and meeting minimum criteria for all product lines with Private and Business Clients.

We carry out extensive client research and use mystery shopping to help us understand how our clients view our services. The results influence the objectives for our branches and are linked to the performance-related component of remuneration for our sales staff.

Professionally and transparently handling complaints is a key component of client satisfaction. We want to anticipate and avoid potential complaints before they arise. Our central complaint management team in our Private and Business Clients (PBC) unit directly reports to the Chief Client Officer who is responsible for handling client complaints.