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Report 2015

Assessing client satisfaction

As a relationships business, keeping our clients satisfied is an absolute priority. We carry out extensive client research to help us understand how our clients view our services, what they value, and where we need to improve.

Despite a challenging year for our sector, our 2015 client satisfaction index indicated increasing levels of satisfaction across all of our service areas.

Client satisfaction index


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Previous years are not comparable, as the methodology has changed.

Client satisfaction index



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In 2015, 370,000 retail clients participated in our annual client satisfaction survey. Their response provides detailed feedback on how clients perceive our advice and services. The survey is not anonymous, so our advisors can act on feedback. Shortly after participation in the satisfaction survey, the client is usually contacted by the responsible advisor to continue the dialog.

To further enhance transparency across our client portfolio in our retail business, in August 2015 we expanded the target group to include our client segment of legal persons. We also mandated an independent market research institute to send mystery shoppers to review our advisory and service standards. Additionally, we conducted so-called client calls where existing clients are selected after a personal advisory meeting and subsequently interviewed about their service and advisory experiences. In 2015, approx. 2,800 purchases were assessed in this way and approx. 10,900 calls were made, providing valuable insight into the quality of our services and compliance with our standards of excellence.

Our client servicing standards are also evaluated by independent external bank tests. They confirm our high level of quality in customer service and have helped us to improve our services specifically.

Mystery shopping index
Mystery shopping index (bar chart)Mystery shopping index (bar chart)

The results of the client satisfaction survey and mystery shopping influence the objectives for our branches. Additionally, both are linked to the performance-related component of remuneration for our sales staff.