Deutsche Bank

Corporate Responsibility
Report 2015

Managing complaints

Professionally and transparently handling complaints is a key component of client satisfaction. We want to anticipate and avoid potential complaints before they arise.

Our central complaint management team in our Private and Business Clients (PBC) division directly reports to the Chief Client Officer, who is responsible for handling client complaints. As a result of our regular complaint surveys, we introduced a new complaint management process in 2015 to better meet our clients’ needs. This has led to closer collaboration between employees in our branches and advisors when handling complaints. A client information sheet is now available on the PBC website, making the complaint process transparent and better understandable.

During the year, we reviewed how we deal with hardship cases, such as clients getting into financial difficulty for reasons beyond their control, making our processes more client centered. We successfully resolved five such cases in 2015.

Our focus is on our consulting and new investment products. We systematically scrutinize their continual improvement. Where mistakes are made, we work to solve cases without excess bureaucracy and to settle damages fairly. All complainants immediately receive acknowledgement and an expected processing time. If the expected processing time has been exceeded in individual cases, we send an interim notification.

We monitor whether measures like these are meeting expectations through our client satisfaction survey see chapter Client satisfaction and through independent market research. In 2015, this confirmed that clients were largely happy with our approach.

Overall, the number of complaints in PBC decreased. Where complaints were made, they were generally related to new regulations and legal judgments, such as charging processing fees or cancellation of consumer credits.