Deutsche Bank

Corporate Responsibility
Report 2015

Center for Sustainable Finance

In 2015, we acted on the observation that our ESG Head Office needed to be more global in scope, with touchpoints across all asset classes, geographies, and divisions of Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management. Consequently we invested in the platform by hiring more ESG specialists in order to establish the Center for Sustainable Finance. The center is a new business unit that aims to position the asset management of Deutsche Bank as a thought leader and catalyst for sustainable finance. State-of-the-art research and collaboration with key stakeholders will help to develop market solutions to social and environmental challenges. The center will focus on ESG-related macro research, policy recommendations, and product innovation, working closely across the entire platform. This work will enable us to optimize our considerable strengths in meeting client needs while meaningfully contributing to the public good.

The center will also help to facilitate solutions for our global institutional clients to implement measurable ESG practices into their portfolios to reflect their demands and values. Furthermore, building on a deep track record in sustainable finance it will support the development of pioneering products. See chapter Impact investment