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Corporate Responsibility Report 2015

Deutsche Bank

Corporate Responsibility Report 2015

Regulatory affairs

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Cooperating with regulators

  • Chief Regulatory Officer Board-level position established
  • Proactive and transparent engagement with public stakeholders

Since the financial crisis of 2008, we have seen unprecedented levels of global financial regulation. Prudent and effective tracking of regulatory implementation has been a key priority for us. To reflect this, we appointed a new Board-level position of Chief Regulatory Officer in 2015.

How we do it

Our Government and Regulatory Affairs Department monitors upcoming legislative and regulatory proposals to ensure we are fully compliant globally. It also maintains effective regulatory relationships and manages new regulations across their life cycle.

We proactively and transparently engage with public stakeholders in a number of ways across our different jurisdictions. This ranges from managing day-to-day relationships, and responding to public consultations; to convening policymakers with academics and industry representatives. This approach helps to align public policy to the continued growth of competitive financial markets while considering wider stakeholder groups.

A global team serves as a central point of contact for interactions between primary financial supervisory authorities in Germany, the USA, the UK, Singapore and Hong Kong. We are aligned to the Single Supervisory Mechanism of the European Central Bank, which has established a Joint Supervisory Team to oversee our activities in this area.

Our Government and Regulatory Affairs Department also supervises Deutsche Bank’s response to new regulation. This and any potential remediation actions are dealt with by the Group Regulatory Contact Office, which links our business and control functions to ensure a coordinated approach. The implementation of regulations is overseen and tracked by a dedicated global team.

In 2015, we integrated our Public Affairs Office in Berlin with our Government and Regulatory Affairs Department. This helps us to align messaging and activities with our EU Representation Office in Brussels. To further align our approach, the Government and Regulatory Affairs Department will undergo significant reorganization in 2016.