Deutsche Bank

Corporate Responsibility
Report 2015

Engaging with stakeholders

  • SRI road shows in Paris and London
  • Contribution to the Thun Group’s work on business and human rights
  • 5th ESG Corporate Day with Deutsche Asset and Wealth Management

As a global business, we see directly and through our various stakeholders — shareholders, clients, employees, and society at large — how the environment we operate in is continually changing. Regular and meaningful stakeholder dialog is, therefore, fundamental to conduct our business responsibly. It allows us to:

  • understand stakeholder concerns
  • prepare for potential future impacts on our business model caused by global trends or regulations
  • minimize risks and detect business opportunities early on
  • make informed decisions, for the bank and when dealing with our clients
  • define or improve standards and voluntary commitments across our sector
  • explain the functionalities and limitations of financial products and services
  • explain our position on sensitive topics
  • promote mutual learning by recognizing the complexity of global issues

The results of our dialogue feed into our materiality analysis, sustainability management, ES risk management, and annual reporting. We are aware that the interests of shareholders, clients, employees, and the general public can be conflicting, and that we have to negotiate between these interests. We remain open to meet critical stakeholders and consider their input with care and attention, and to take it into account when conducting due diligence with existing or potential clients.

How we do it

In addition to regular Investor Relations activities and the Annual General Meeting, our communications with stakeholders is based around our own events and activities on sustainability; taking part in forums, events and working groups; and exchanging with critical stakeholders on ad hoc issues.

Deutsche Bank sustainability initiatives and activities

Besides ongoing activities like our people survey see chapter People, regularly assessing client satisfaction see chapter Putting clients first, providing up-to-date information on our website and via press releases, and proactively and transparently engaging with public stakeholders in a number of ways across our different jurisdictions see chapter Regulatory affairs, including managing day-to-day relationships and responding to public consultations, some of our 2015 engagement highlights included:

  • SRI road shows in Paris and London. Discussions with around 20 investors focused on governance, data protection and cyber security, climate change and fossil-fuel investment was increasing compared to prior years.
  • One-on-one investor meetings with a focus on governance and sustainability.
  • The 5th ESG Corporate Day, conducted by Deutsche Asset Management. Approximately 25 German DAX / MDAX clients and ESG experts from academia and the German ESG community joined us to discuss the latest ESG trends like green bonds, Integrated Reporting, and the ESG investment strategies.
  • Deutsche AWM promotion of the International Integrated Reporting Council Investor Network.
  • Reflecting on the results of our materiality assessment with four European investors.
  • Ongoing exchange with non-governmental organizations such as discussions with the Banking Environment Initiative on deforestation.

Taking part in forums, events and working groups

  • Participating in associations and working groups dedicated to sustainability, for example discussions on sustainability ratings and reporting with econsense members and sustainability with the dedicated working group of the Association of German Banks.
  • Cooperating with our peers and external experts on a range of environmental and social issues, including engaging with the Thun Group on business and human rights.
  • Discussions with the Banking Environment Initiative on technical guidance to support the Soft Commodities Compact. This followed consultation with the Consumer Goods Forum and other stakeholders representing civil society, investors, and other experts.
  • Presenting and discussing Deutsche Bank’s sustainability approach with students and apprentices.

Exchanging with critical stakeholders on ad hoc issues

  • Responding to critical stakeholders on how we evaluate and manage environmental and social risk, particularly when it comes to relationships with clients perceived as controversial by NGOs. The focus was on our position and future strategy on coal mining and generation.