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Education – Born to Be

Everyone is born with talent, but barriers such as disadvantage, inequality, social and economic mobility, and poverty can stand in the way of success. We believe that all young people, regardless of their background, should have the best chance in life to achieve their full potential and become who they were born to be. Deutsche Bank’s global youth engagement program, Born to Be, focuses on education and enabling talent. It supports young people through education-led projects that help to raise aspirations and confidence, develop core academic, employability, and life skills, and improve access to opportunities towards further education and employment.

A reported 300 million young people aged 14 to 25 are not in employment, education, or training, and 250 million children can neither read nor write. Educational justice remains a global challenge. This is where Born to Be comes in. Born to Be aims to break the cycles that limit prospects for employment globally through early intervention initiatives. By partnering with not for profit organizations, ranging from grassroot organizations to other corporates who share our mission, we focus on addressing the most pressing local issues affecting young people in each region. Our portfolio ranges from sport for development programs that help young people to build confidence and improve their learning aptitude, and projects that promote educational success or develop employability skills, to cultural educational projects that not only foster the understanding of art and culture, but also drive educational attainment. Whenever possible, our employees support our programs by volunteering their time and serving as mentors to the young people. In emerging markets, Deutsche Bank and its foundations provide comprehensive support and educational opportunities via early childhood development programs. In other countries, we enable young people from non-academic backgrounds to go to college or university.

Through Born to Be, we aim to make a lasting difference. Education is a key driver of social and economic mobility, which helps to develop the skills and confidence needed for a skilled workforce and to engender diverse thinking and understanding. Modern societies simply cannot afford to ignore a broad spectrum of talents. Education is crucial to social cohesion. Born to Be programs are change catalysts when it comes to extending the global diverse talent pool.

Portrait of a child and text that reads: Born to be – The Deutsche Bank youth engagement programme (photo)

1.3 million

More than 1.3 million young people reached globally with Born to Be projects in 2015.

Deutsche Bank’s Born to Be footprint 2015
Deutsche Bank’s Born to Be footprint 2015 (chart)Deutsche Bank’s Born to Be footprint 2015 (chart)

Looking ahead

We will continue to improve the reach and the impact of our initiatives. Our goal is to reach 5 million young people with Born to Be initiatives by 2020.

To achieve this, we will focus on:

  • working with community partners to tackle the root causes of educational failure through a range of impact-led interventions
  • engaging ever-more Deutsche Bank employees to serve as mentors for the young, and
  • working collaboratively with multi-stakeholder organizations that can accelerate effective policies and skills development.
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