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Enterprise – Made for Good

At Deutsche Bank, we help businesses to succeed. Through our enterprise program Made for Good, we support early stage, innovative, and impact-driven businesses that drive positive change in society. Made for Good gives these businesses access to what they need to get off the ground and reach their next level: business advice and coaching as well as funding and connections to others who can assist.

Around 80% of start-ups fail in the first 18 months of their existence. Success is even more limited for businesses that aim to drive positive change in society, because 82% of impact investors disregard seed or start-up stage businesses. As a financial services provider, Deutsche Bank has the commercial insight to help businesses at every level and, where we can, to use that experience to assist these emerging pioneers who are creating social value.

Our Made for Good initiatives offer provisions for investment readiness through business advice and support, connections to others, and access to sources of funding that will help to build momentum and capacity for:

  • social enterprises, charities, and start-ups with a positive social or environmental impact;
  • small-scale entrepreneurs or microenterprises providing families with a route out of poverty and bringing jobs, confidence, and new aspirations to disadvantaged communities;
  • technology and innovation-led companies that provide new solutions to tackling societal concerns; and
  • arts and creative industries that enrich the cultural life of communities.

Deutsche Bank has a long-standing tradition of supporting microentrepreneurs. In 1997, we became the first global bank to create a microfinance fund. Since then, we have extended an estimated 4 million microcredits in partnership with over 140 microfinance institutions in 53 countries. We implemented social venture funds to provide capital for projects that would have little chance of financing based on purely economic grounds or which require an initial capital boost that will only yield a return after several years. In 2011, we launched the UK Impact Investment Fund with a value of £10 million to help social entrepreneurs to bridge their financing gap. And with the online crowdfunding platform Social Impact Finance, Social Impact gGmbH and Deutsche Bank Foundation jointly enable individuals to contribute to financing social projects in Germany.

A business plan and strategy are essential to the long-term success of any enterprise. Lack of experience is a common limitation. Our employees use their know-how to nurture the skills and confidence these pioneering enterprises need to grow. More than 280 volunteers serve as judges, mentors, or coaches in the startsocial competition and in the Deutsche Bank Awards for Creative Enterprise (DBACE). Since 1993, DBACE has addressed challenges that the creative industries face in the UK: 63% of creative enterprises note a lack of technical, practical, or job-specific skills in their workforce. Besides the mentoring and business training, the winners benefit from kick-start funding that accelerates their journey from idea to self-sufficiency.

In 2015, Deutsche Bank South Africa Foundation developed the Alternate Income Generation project (AIG) in close cooperation with TSiBA, a non-profit business school. The idea behind the AIG program is to move more charities towards a hybrid financing model that reduces donor reliance. In partnership with Social Impact gGmbH, we launched the Ready for Finance initiative in Germany, which matches social start-ups with volunteer mentors from Deutsche Bank.

The annual Landmarks in the Land of Ideas competition stages 100 innovative initiatives that drive Germany forward. The 2015 theme “Urban Space, Rural Space, Cyber Space!” focused on businesses, academics, start-ups, and educators that offer viable solutions for a digitally networked world. The motto of the 2016 competition is “CommUnityInnovation – a model for success.”

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More than 170,000 people reached through our Enterprise initiatives in 12 countries around the world over a five year period.

Deutsche Bank’s Enterprise footprint 2015
Deutsche Bank’s Enterprise footprint 2015 (chart)Deutsche Bank’s Enterprise footprint 2015 (chart)

Looking ahead

  • Bundle enterprise initiatives across regions under the global Made for Good umbrella to enhance the strategic focus along defined impact metrics and project milestones
  • Foster the dialog with experts to support marketplace development of social enterprises or businesses generating social value
  • Engage more volunteers to make their professional expertise available to social enterprises
  • Partner with thought leaders and academics to improve the market conditions and opportunities for the sector
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