Deutsche Bank

Corporate Responsibility
Report 2016

Our stakeholder dialog

Constructive engagement with stakeholders within and outside Deutsche Bank is fundamental to our approach to CR. It helps us to decide which issues to prioritize as material throughout the year, understand our impact more broadly, and challenge ourselves as we strive to become a more sustainable bank.

Our goal is to be responsive to the expectations of our stakeholders and to safeguard our business from potential future shocks such as economic or climate change. The results of this dialog feed into our materiality analysis, environmental and social risk management, and annual reporting.

Our stakeholder groups

How we engage stakeholders

Our threefold approach includes: 1) own initiatives and activities; 2) participation in forums, events, and working groups; and 3) exchange with critical stakeholders on ad-hoc issues. We are aware that the interests of shareholders, clients, employees, and the general public can be conflicting, and that we have to negotiate between these interests. We remain open to stakeholder critique, and consider this with sensitivity when conducting due diligence and when improving our sustainability approach.