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Corporate Responsibility Report 2016

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Corporate Responsibility Report 2016

About this report

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Reporting transparently

This is our 15th CR Report (published on March 20, 2017), providing insights on developments from January to December 2016. We plan to publish the next report in March 2018. The last report was published in March 2016.

This report has been compiled in accordance with the core option of the GRI G4 Guidelines. This report also serves as our Communication on Progress for the UN Global Compact.

KPMG has performed an independent limited assurance engagement on selected chapters of the Corporate Responsibility Report 2016. The scope can be found in the Independent Assurance Report. The additional content provided on external and Deutsche Bank’s websites indicated in the CR Report 2016 is not part of the information assured by KPMG. The system for data generation and aggregation of our greenhouse gas emissions figures based on the GHG Protocol and ISO 14064 is subject to external assurance as well. These figures cover Postbank AG.

We strive for transparency throughout the year by providing information to several sustainability rating organizations, in addition to our corporate responsibility performance, annually. Our corporate responsibility website and regional publications also provide additional information as well as regular updates.

This CR Report 2016 is also available in German.

Report limits

We regard this report as a supplement to the Annual Report and Human Resources Report of Deutsche Bank AG. In addition to the information in this report, you can obtain basic corporate information and our key economic figures from our latest Annual Report, our Annual Financial Statements, and our Management Report.