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Corporate Responsibility Report 2016

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Corporate Responsibility Report 2016

Corporate citizenship

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Corporate citizenship

  • Almost 4.9 million people benefited from our CSR programs
  • Around 17,000 employees supported over 3,000 projects
  • €73.5 million CSR investments of Deutsche Bank and its foundations

The world is changing at an ever-increasing pace. Demographic change is putting pressure on resources, while success in the labor market is increasingly dependent on knowledge and skills. New thinking and new business models are needed to overcome barriers to prosperity. Advances in technology and the emergence of a new breed of socially motivated entrepreneurs are opening up new possibilities to address issues such as poverty, inequality, and disadvantage that affect the lives of billions.

Our corporate citizenship strategy

As a corporate citizen, Deutsche Bank has been working for a better future since the early 20th century to support the drivers of prosperity for individuals, communities, and economies.

Our education projects prepare young people to be the workforce of tomorrow. We work with pioneering enterprises to drive positive change in society. We contribute to stronger and more inclusive communities. We work with like-minded partners from public and private sectors and count on the support of our own people, encouraging them to volunteer and give to causes they care about. As well as making a difference on the ground, we help to shape the bigger picture by advancing new perspectives through advocacy and dialog with policymakers. Many of our initiatives have been recognized as best practice, and the awards we have received are tangible testimony to the quality of our programs. In 2016, they included the Corporate Engagement Awards, the Galaxy Awards, the German Brand Award, a US Courage Award, and the Golden Award of Montreux.

Governance principles and policies

We apply the same strict governance standards to our corporate citizenship programs as we do to our business dealings. The cornerstones of our strategy and governance are laid out in the Group Principles of Corporate Social Responsibility and in the dedicated Group policies and procedures, which constitute the mandatory operating framework for all Deutsche Bank Group companies, their employees, and external partners acting on their behalf.

All project proposals are evaluated based on a standardized governance framework and scorecard, and—depending on the investments—are subject to sign-off by the regional CSR teams, local CSR Committees, and/or Board members.

Trends and challenges

To combat the economic, social, and environmental challenges our planet faces, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) define global priorities and aspirations for 2030, and provide a common vision and roadmap. Private-sector participation is needed to achieve the goals of this agenda. By fostering and implementing its corporate citizenship agenda, Deutsche Bank is among the global institutions that actively embrace this responsibility.

In markets with defined legal or regulatory demands concerning social commitment, our corporate social responsibility (CSR) goes beyond the minimum requirements. In India, for example, we welcome the Companies Act 2013, calling for companies to invest a percentage of their profits in social projects. And in the US, for over 20 years, Deutsche Bank has received an “Outstanding” rating on its Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) performance, which obliges regulated banks to help meet the capital needs of low to moderate-income communities.

We closely partner with key stakeholders, advocacy groups, or non-profit organizations such as the London Benchmarking Group (LGB), the Centre for Social Justice (CSJ) in the UK, the Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy (CECP) in the US, and PHINEO in Germany to effectively tackle societal challenges. Furthermore, we support socio-political research such as the recent Thomson Reuters Foundation expert survey that identified the best places and market conditions for social entrepreneurs to operate around the world. This is how we create shared value and promote social return on investment (SROI) or impact measurements, as well as cross-sector benchmarking.

Engaging our stakeholders

Our corporate citizenship agenda and initiatives underscore the bank’s CSR mission to be a socially-minded enabler, a reliable partner, and a catalyst for change. It also helps to build a better Deutsche Bank by boosting trust, employee and client loyalty, and strengthening the bank’s reputation.