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Corporate Responsibility Report 2016

Deutsche Bank

Corporate Responsibility Report 2016

Units and foundations

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Corporate social responsibility units and foundations

Deutsche Bank’s CSR activities are brought to life by its regional units and endowed foundations.

Deutsche Bank Donation Fund (in Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft e.V.)

Founded: 1970
Endowment funds: €10.1 m.
Commitments 2016: €1.9 m.

  • Promotes scientific research and teaching at both the national and international level
  • Encourages dialog between research and practice

Deutsche Bank Foundation

Founded: 1986
Endowment funds: €141.4 m.
Commitments 2016: €4.3 m.

  • Cultural, educational, and social projects


Founded: 1989
Commitments 2016: €2.1 m.

  • Born to Be education initiatives for 11 to 18-year-olds focused on building skills and aspirations and giving access to opportunities
  • Made for Good enterprise program supporting early stage businesses that help to drive positive change in society
  • In the Community initiatives that contribute to stronger and more inclusive communities
  • Plus You employee volunteering and giving program, including Charities of the Year, an employee fundraising program for two smaller charities over two years

Historical Association of Deutsche Bank

Founded: 1991
Number of members (end of 2016): 2,000

  • Research of the history of Deutsche Bank and its political, economic, and cultural environment

Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft

Founded: 1992
Budget 2016: €4.1 m.

  • International forum promoting the exchange of ideas and the examination of key issues of our time (project areas: International Relations, Urbanisation, Germany) by partnering with politics, business, academia, and society

Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation

Founded: 1999
Commitments 2016: €9.6 m.

  • Access to high-quality educational opportunities as part of the Born to Be youth engagement program, support for social and creative enterprises through Made for Good and corporate volunteering
  • Community development initiatives in partnership with Deutsche Bank’s US Community Development Finance Group

Transatlantic Outreach Program (TOP)

Founded: 2001
Endowment funds: €2.1 m.
Commitments 2016: €0.15 m.

  • Promotion of a contemporary and comprehensive image of present-day Germany to North American educators and key decision-makers

Deutsche Bank South Africa Foundation

Founded: 2001
Endowment funds: €14.3 m.
Commitments 2016: €0.7 m.

  • Born to Be initiatives focusing on education through early and high school education interventions
  • Alternate Income Generation project for charities
  • Corporate volunteering and fundraising

Deutsche Bank Asia Foundation

Founded: 2003
Commitments 2016: €1.4 m.

  • Born to Be projects combining education with the personal well-being of young people, Made for Good initiatives, corporate volunteering and fundraising
  • As a result of the Companies Act 2013 in India, various new programs are being funded by local subsidiaries

Deutsche Bank Middle East Foundation

Founded: 2008
Commitments 2016: €0.2 m.

  • Education (Born to Be), community development, sustainability, and corporate volunteering
  • Support of cultural events and the regional art scene

Deutsche Bank Düsseldorf/Niederrhein Stiftung,
Deutsche Bank Köln/Bonn/Aachen Stiftung, and
Nordlichter bewegen gemeinsam—Die Stiftung der Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeiter der Deutschen Bank Hamburg/Schleswig-Holstein

Founded: 2010, 2013, 2014
Commitments 2016: €40,020; €39,395; €9,095

  • Local community projects for children and young people

Fondazione Deutsche Bank Italia

Founded: 2013
Commitments 2016: €450,000

  • Social, educational (Born to Be), and enterprise (Made for Good) projects in Italy